June-December 2017

Started June with photoshoot together with the rest of the Swedish chanel 1 team for the womens Euro 2018. Stayed 3 days in Sweden and worked as an ambassador for the youth coaches, took part in an information video to inspirire youth coaches. Third day some work with IF Brommapojkarna, visiting trainings with the kids, great fun!
 From Stockholm a 3 days get-away to Munich to watch Coldplay in concert together with Gianluca and Peter.
 After Munich I took a flight directly to Gothenburg, met friends, watched the womens national team play before I took the first flight to Stockholm in the morning the day after and participated in the morningshow of chanel one and talked in the radio about my job as an expert.
 After one week with intense work it was a month of relaxation, preparations and parties with friends in Stockholm, Tuscany and Malmö.
In the beginning of July I  worked as a coach on a fantastic footballcamp one hour outside Stockholm. My coachingteam was a mix of ex players and coaches and it was e genuin fun experience.
 Back to Italy for 5 days to pack my bags and get ready for the womens euro 2017 in Netherlands. I was excited before I left and I can honestly say it was my best jobexperince ever. Much thanks to these fanatstic people and all the other people in the crew.
Sweden lost against the hostnation (who later won the whole tournament) and after 18 days in a bubble I packed again and went back to Italy and five days of recovering with Gianluca and friends.
August means vacation for my italian man and this year also for me. We  started of with a week i Sweden, first Gothenburg and then Stockholm and our countryhouse.
  Before leaving Sweden for Greece we passed by some of my boys who where protesting against the Swedish gouverment that sends back kids to war in Afghanistan. It was hard to see all those kids sleeping on the street, loosing more hope every day and replacing the feeling of being protected with fear for their lifes.
Gothenburg , my city:
The countruhouse outside Stockholm:
Greece and Corfu for 8 days and we did training, eating and relaxing.
Back in Tuscany, running in the wineyards:
September started with a trip to Stockholm to celebrate the yearday of our father with champagne and dinner.
Then a visit at my first club FK Bromma to meet their players, give them my jersey from Fiorentina and to get one from them.
On the same day as I visited my first club I also played a game together with explayers against the club I work for, If Brommapojkarna. The footballfamily is a powerfull family!
Back to Florence to coach the boys in the first trainings and games for the season, Im superimpressed, the are quciklearners and after two lost games we won 7 in a row.
 In the end of September me and Gianluca went to Sweden together to put together a child in a clinic thats specialized in that. Between the appointments with the doctors we did Stockholm and enjoyed my family.

Back to Italy for one week before I left Again for Sweden to give inspiration to youth leaders and to visit some teams with IF Brommapojkarna.  I also took the chance to visit the meeting of the organisation for explayers in Sweden and the get the latest news before I went to watch the Swedish mens national team in the qualification for the world cup 2018.
In the end of September they put in the embryo and then we just crosssed our fingers in three weeks before we could do the test and see if I was pregnant. After a game with my team in Florence the 10th of october we went to the house in the mountains and did it. I woke up 05.00 because of excitement and Yes! Something was growing inside of me!
Excited and happy I packed bags, again, to go to Sweden for the weekend and work for the Swedish television.
From october we went in to November  and somewhere in between the Swedish national team beated Italy and made it to the world cup!
November means footballgala and I got the oppurtunity to speak with amazing youth leaders and hand out their awards for their work with young girls and boys who wants to play football. Swedish football would not survive without these people.
The day after the Gala in Stockholm i took a flight to the south of Sweden to speak for an organization that helps kids with homework and give them mentors who can help them reach their dreams. An fantastic organisation named Drivkraft that support young people to make them choose a good street in life and stay away from trouble. I spoke for the mentors, the kids and other people involved in the activities of Drivkraft.I Caught the last eveningflight back to Stockholm and the morning after I went back to Italy and Florence.
In the end of November/beginning of December I was invited to a conference in London to talk about integration and sport and as an "Agent of change" using a special tool called Psytool in my work with young people in sport. A couple of great days at the Chelsea Arena Stamford Bridge with people from all over the world and I was a part of a paneldiscussion where I talked about my experinces.
After the conference was over I stayed 5 extra days, 2 at my friend Ramona Bachmans house and the 3 in a hotel together with my family which arrived in the end of the week. I also bumped in to two other friends from football, Ingvild Stensland and Christen Press and got to spend time also with them. Gotta love the footballfamilly!
I did shopping and bought a new jacket.

January- May 2017 in pics

First day of 2017 we spent playing football in Tuscany together with family and friends and I managed to break our rental car in two
In January i went to fashion week Pitti Uomo in Florence

Then a great boy named Sabri came in to our lifes and became a part of the family when he moved in with my brother <3
Me and Gianuca went to New York in February
In the end of february I went with my brother to Manilla, Phillipines in to visit friends and sponsorkids
In Manilla I got really sick and had to go with an ambulance from the airport when we got home
In march I went with Gianluca to Bologna for a big hair exhibition
In the end of March we went to Munich to visit Peter
We came back just in time for eastern in aprile, celebrating with family and friends in Tuscany
I the end of April I started my own company Dreamers Team, took a quick trip tho Gothenburg to eat Pizza with my Team Sandarna and to record my first podcast with my friend Sarah Mellouk
Back to Florens and my mum came to visit me. We had nice apertivos in the terass and saw the tower of Pisa
In the beginning of May I was invited by the Swedish embassy in Rome to have a speech in italian at the Nordic film fest. I got to meet and present a film with these fantastic boys. The evening before we had a dinner at the embassy.

From Italy to Sweden and Gothenburg in the end of May and the famous photographer but most of the amazing person Bingo Rimer took portraits of our boys in Team C and of the girls in Rampen
Then in the end of May Gianluca colored my hair turcose and I had many friends visiting and we enjoyed great dinners together
Also in the end of May I got a new job for the the biggest footballclub in Europe, IF Brommapojkarna. I became the coach of the coaches
Then before I knew it I got two other jobs in one week in may and I started my studies to be an expert for Swedish television during the Womens European Championship in football. I also was presented as the headcoach for the mens team Teatro del sale in Florence.
And just like that, we went in to the 1st of June.